About CajonsMadeIn.com

There are about 350 cajon makers from 55 countries listed on these pages. Yet when searching the Internet, I still find more. The primary focus is identifying and promoting small 'artisanal' cajon builders, folks making cajons in small workshops, but I've tried to add any manufacturer that provides verifiable 'Made in' information. Still, there are some cajon 'brands' not yet on these lists. Here's why:

  • 1. Some locally based cajon makers sell in markets, fairs and by word-of-mouth and don't have an Internet presence.
  • 2. Some cajon makers only advertise in their local language. I'm a monolingual English speaker which really limits my search effectiveness.
  • 3. Many cajon sellers do not provide 'Made in' information on their websites.
  • 4. Some cajons are purchased by music businesses from the original cajon builders and 're-branded'.
  • 5. I'm a one-man shop and there's only so much time I want to put into Internet research!

CajonsMadeIn.com does not list brands if their country of manufacture is unknown. In general it does not list models. Manufacturers should visit the "A Note to Manufacturers" page for more information.

This site does not list 'Do it Yourself', first time cajons made in limited numbers. DIY cajons are often obvious from the posters titles, "Hey! I Built a Cajon!" or similar. Most of the builders linked here have gone to the trouble to make a website or Facebook page or multiple videos to promote a product, something they consider has reached a point of replication. That said, a few builders listed here make basic, simple cajons. These lists are provided as a starting point for you to begin your search. They are not a recommendation, only a reference point that should help you save time if you are looking for a local cajon builder. Or if you are looking for something 'exotic' from another country perhaps.

The working database for "Cajons of the World" has over 500 entries. Some 'brands' in the list are actually models, for some entries the country of manufacture could not be verified, some entries are re-branded, music shop or promotional cajons. Some cajon makers are out of business. I used 2015 as a cut off year, if there was no activity between 2015 and November of 2018, they were not included. Many older links and videos I verified by emailing the manufacturer. For a little perspective on how difficult it is to determine the brand, let alone the 'made in' information, read this page: What's on the Front of Your Cajon .

Is it really "Made in"? That's a very good question. Check out this blog for a discussion of 'Made in' vs 'Assembled in'

If you know of an artisanal cajon maker not listed here, please send me the contact information or much better, post it to a social website with photos and send me a link. Thanks!

There's nothing for sale on this site, it's all about connecting people looking for a good cajon to a builder near them, or to a builder on the other side of the planet if that's your fancy. So the site is not glitzy. But prior to building CajonsMadeIn.com a typical Internet search for 'cajons made in ....' would deliver a lot of links to cajons made in places far far away. The information simply wasn't there in an organized fashion the search engines could find. Well, here it is: CajonsMadeIn... Your Country.