The Best Cajon in 2020 and Beyond

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There are over 350 cajon builders on the planet, most have several models. There are over 50 cajon makers in the USA alone. Yet when you look over many cajon reviews you'll see the same manufacturers (and their subsidiaries and 'partners'), over and over. Where are all the others? Well... lets just say that complete objectivity might be compromised and that one should consider the possibility that some of these 'un-sponsored reviews' might better be classified as 'paid advertising'. Rather than importing a manufactured cajon, contribute to your local economy without shipping a plywood box full of air half-way around the globe. Somewhere near you a local cajon maker is hand crafting awesome instruments. Here's how you find them:

1. Start with the country lists in Find your country and look at each manufacturer. Look at their website, social media pages and videos. Message or call the manufacturers who look good to you. Tell them about the kinds of music you play, your height and weight and sitting style. Direct contact with cajon builders should make your search process interesting, informative and fun. Contact with cajon builders is also a great way to connect with the local music community. Using this method your search may end quickly.

2. Talk to local cajon players, find out what they recommend. Not all players have the same level of experience so you'll need to consider that. Working regional musicians, even if they don't play cajon, may know the local 'go-to' cajon makers by reputation.

3. Check out these two 'best cajon' reviews, they have some good advice on what to look for and what to avoid: How to Choose or Buy the Best Cajon for You and Which Cajon Should I Buy?

4. Check out cajons in your local music stores and local buy-sell websites. Many websites and big-chain stores are dominated by a few imported brands but some of them are actually great instruments and they may catch your fancy. Some specialty music stores carry awesome high-end cajons and occasionally, awesome locally made cajons.

5. Beware when reading or asking questions about 'the best cajon' in on-line forums, reviews, social media and video comment areas. While astroturfing, grandstanding, and stealth promotion may seem unlikely cajon marketing strategies I often see posts that make me think otherwise.

6. Check out some of the other 'best cajon reviews' and 'how to choose the best cajon' websites. Some are full of good information about cajons in general and do a good job of discussing qualities to look for and pitfalls to avoid. Just remember that their sampling and recommendations may be heavily skewed to a very few globally available brands that may be sponsoring the review. Look carefully at the methods used by sites that claim to have reviewed hundreds or even thousands of cajons. If the deck is stacked, the analysis will not be objective.

7. Put it all together. I have friends who make decisions based on spreadsheets with pro's and con's. Myself I'm more of a gestalt kind of guy, but I like to know what's out there before I make a critical decision based on... color, or some ridiculously effective marketing advert. Regardless of your decision process, I hope you get a great cajon, the best cajon for you, and I hope you play it often and with a big smile.

While I was in the Philippines I purchased a beautiful, solid wood locally made cajon for about $50 USD. Hands-down it was the best cajon for my money, in the Philippines. There are over 20 cajon builders in Brazil and their models are designed to suit Brazilian players and music. Many cajons made in Japan are works of art reflecting the careful attention to detail that Japanese woodworkers are known for and that their countrymen respect and cherish. In the USA big name bands out of LA, Chicago, and New York often have cajons from local cajon makers who are highly respected by area musicians. The point is, there are great cajons made all over the world and often the local builder provides an economic option that is more 'in tune' with local needs and wants. In many, many countries the best cajon for your money is a locally produced instrument that you won't find mentioned in any Internet cajon review.

Let's be clear that I'm not commenting on the quality of the cajons that show up in most reviews, some of them are actually great cajons. What I am saying is: there are other options, great options, explore them as part of your decision process. Buying a locally made cajon is good for your muse, good for the planet and good for your local economy.

Updated: 2019-Dec-10