About 'Us'

Few things on the Internet tic me off more than an 'About Us' page full of sales pitch and fluff. Well, there's no 'us' here, just me.

I'm a retired computer nerd living in the little town of Gustavus, Alaska USA. Along with bicycling, wilderness camping and photography I'm filling my time with building, playing and promoting cajons. I am not trying to make money on this site. There are no ads, no links to nefarious products, no cookies, no ice cream. Someday I'll die and the site will go away. Such is the circle.

I build cajons to play, to give neighbors, and as wedding presents. I am particularly fond of giving them to high energy kids with stressed out parents. I rarely sell them, only to folks who stop in, check-out the work-shed, bang on a box and act wow-ed. I'm in the blue house just down the road a bit past Vince's sawmill. There's no excuse for not coming by, the local airport has plenty of space for private jets.

Happy drumming and please, support your local cajon builders. They are the best.

EXTRA: As a wilderness traveler I'm always looking for good camping gear and I recently stumbled on the American Gear Guide site. He has links to every gear company making tents, backpacks, sleeping bags etc in the USA. A great example of helping people to buy local. American Gear Guide