There are great playing cajon drums produced all over the world. Try something a little different - you'll have a different tone from all the other boxes on the block.

But what about quality? Some local cajon makers have produced many hundreds of instruments and have excellent reputations with local musicians. Other builders have produced only a few simple boxes. 'DIY' cajons produced in limited number are NOT listed on these pages.

The Cajons by Country pages have links to the builders website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and to one YouTube video. Many cajon builders are excellent woodworkers, but not necessarily good website builders, videographers or audio engineers. So while videos can be helpful to your search, don't be discouraged by old school video quality. Check out a builders website and or Facebook page and you may find newer, better videos listed there.

Perhaps the best way to choose a cajon is to sit on a box and play it. And then listen to someone else play it. Contact your local cajon builders and ask if you can try one out. Some builders maintain web pages with contact information, many use Facebook or VK pages as the primary contact. Some have both.

For help picking the best cajon see this page: The Best Cajon