The Cajon Makers Sandbox:

Could You Build Your Cell Phone?

It's highly unlikely you could DIY the cell phone in your pocket. We live in a world where everyday products are almost magic, devices that required the equivalent of hundreds of human lifetimes to design and produce. Cajon making is interesting because every day, planetary production methods span the technology gradient from basic workshops to modern factories. With similar results. Or contrasting results depending on your perspective. A respected cajon builder with 30 years experience may pride himself on saying, "Every one of my boxes sound different." Yet factory producers pride themselves on making high quality cajons with each model having a consistent sound.

Quality factory cajons are engineered products using exacting methods with specific, specialized construction materials, and they produce exceptional sound. Yet it is still possible for a good woodworker with a basic shop to produce a good sounding cajon, and with time and experience, even great cajons. So the cajon makers listed side-by-side in 'Cajons of the World' are perhaps strange bedfellows. There are some very big companies listed next to folks who build cajons to pay the rent. Please, everyone, play well.