Contact cajon builders directly to find cajons made in Ecuador. Unfortunately most big online retailers and many music stores only carry imported brands. Buying a locally made cajon cyles your income back through your local economy. Below are links to 2 cajon makers in Ecuador:

Beware of cajons assembled in Eucador vs made in Ecuador. It is best to chat one-on-one with the cajon builder. Ask if the wood for the cajon is cut and shaped in Ecuador and if the tapa graphics are applied in Ecuador. Ask if the company is owned by locals or 'partnered' with a global cajon mass-marketer. Ask to visit the workshop where the cajons are made. Please let us know if you find anything interesting. All cajon makers listed on this page should be producing cajons made in Eucador.

You may be able to minimize the carbon footprint of your cajon purchase by buying a locally produced cajon. Check out this link to learn more Mitigate Climate Change . Most imported cajons are shipped around the planet in big cargo ships. A locally made cajon helps your local economy and demonstrates that you are thinking about and support local artisans.

YouTube playlist of cajons made in Ecuador:

One photo per Ecuadorian cajon manufacturer in Pinterest:

Listed above are links to the cajon drum builders in Ecuador as retrieved by Internet searches in March 2018. I am sure there are many others not listed. Please send me updates and correction if you have additional information. Thanks.