Contact cajon makers directly to find cajons made in the USA. Unfortunately most music stores and big online stores only carry imported brands. Buying a locally made cajon cyles your income back through your local economy. Below are links to over 50 cajon makers in the USA making stunning hand-crafted instruments.

Cajons listed by region:    Midwest     Northeast     Southeast     Southwest     Western

Western Region USA: Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Washington

Pinterest: One photo per cajon manufacturer in the Western region of the USA:

Midwest Region: Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin

Pinterest: One photo per cajon manufacturer in the Midwest of the USA:

Northeastern Region: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont or Maryland

One photo per Northeast USA cajon manufacturer in Pinterest:

Your local cajon maker can help you choose the right model. A locally made cajon helps your local economy and demonstrates that you are thinking about and helping local craftsmen.

YouTube playlist of some cajons made in the USA:
Note that not all manufacturers have YouTube videos. The list above is much more complete.

One photo per USA cajon manufacturer in Pinterest:

Listed above are links to the cajon drum builders in the USA as retrieved by Internet searches from March to June 2018. I am sure there are many others not listed. Please send me updates and correction if you have additional information. Thanks.