There are great playing cajon drums produced all over the world. This non-profit site was created to help everyone on the planet become familar with cajon drums and to connect buyers with local cajon makers. There's plenty of information about cajons and cajon construction available from the links on the side bar and from the menus. Enjoy!

Buying a locally made cajon recycles your hard earned money through your local community. Now in the time of Covid it's especially nice to help your local artisans. Why import a cajon when you can buy an awesome locally made cajon?

But what about quality? Many local cajon makers have produced hundreds of instruments and have excellent reputations with local musicians. 'DIY' cajons produced in limited number are NOT listed on these pages.

The Cajons by Country pages have links to the builders website or Facebook page. It's pretty easy to find someone near you, there's over 50 cajon builders in the USA alone.

While the best way to choose a cajon is to sit on a box and play it, "try before you buy" is not always possible. A quick discussion with your local cajon builder can ensure you get the best product for your playing style.