Controlling Your Facebook Group Experience

Many forums and groups on Facebook are effectively un-moderated. A single pseudo-advertiser, like-harvester, spammer, complainer or rude person can make these groups/forums unusable. It only takes a few seconds for you to control the content you see from any Facebook group/forum. Here’s how:

Click on the name of the repeat advertiser/spammer/complainer. If there is an option to  ‘View Profile‘, click it.

In their profile:

A) On Desktop – click the small three dot icon that is directly to the right of their name at the far right edge of the screen,  or
B) On Mobile – click the three dot icon in a circle over the word ‘More‘ which is just beneath their name to the right.

Then choose menu option ‘Block‘. Don’t stress about blocking someone/some business, it is YOUR time they are wasting. You can unblock at anytime in the future. Facebook provides a list of all blocked users in your ‘Settings’ options. Blocking will not immediately obscure their existing posts, but new posts from the offender will not appear and old posts will not appear after you re-start Facebook. You can also simply “Take a Break” from the offender, which is like blocking them for 30 days.

Several years ago I blocked a business that repeatedly posted what I considered to be advertising in Cajon Forum. I recently went back and unblocked them just to see if it was effective. Wow, when viewing the group with the included offender it was almost unusable. I quickly re-blocked them.

Note that this post assumes you are not ‘Friends’ with the offender. If you are Friends your menu options may not be exactly as described above. And if you are Friends then Blocking will un-Friend you. Life is full of choices.

We all get scammed by a stunning photo or a cool sounding name. It is easy to get hoodwinked into liking and friending someone/some page then finding that over time they are really just advertising, promoting themselves or collecting ‘likes’ without providing meaningful content.

It is also possible that the offender is being paid to create negative information about a competitors product while promoting their own product. And sometimes these paid promoters will simply post junk comments or post to distract attention from insightful posts. These folks generally show up over time by their relentless negative opinions or semi-rude comments or a propensity for posts which distract but don’t contribute.

It’s your social media experience, control it, or control it not. The choice is yours.  I hope this post helps you maximize your FB experience.

Updated: 01Feb2019