Cajonearte Cajon Made in Peru

Cajonearte cajons come with, or without, personalized artwork. As you can see from Cajoneartes Instagram page, each decorated cajon is uniquely hand painted.

Screen capture from Cajoneartes Instagram page.

The video below demo’s the sound. It was recorded with a Zoom H4N stereo mic’s on the upper tapa and a Nady DM80 microphone on the sound hole. A little mid-side mastering compression was added in post processing.  The Nady has a very flat response and the bass is not as strong as it would be with other bass mics.

The cajon box is made from 12 mm, 5 ply, plywood purchased in Peru.  Its dimensions are about 30 x 27 x 48 cm.   Box joints are used on the side to top and side to bottom joints. Finish nails are used to secure the sides, top and back.

Box Joint on Cajonearte cajon

There is no snare system. There are no braces or other reinforcement on the inside. The back is glued on. The tapa is attached with screws.

Inside a Cajonearte cajon. This is the tapa-side-top corner.

These are great sounding, beautiful, unique cajons. All hand made. I played this one at the 2018 Gran Cajoneada in Lima and while there were hundreds of very, very nice cajons there, this was by far the most striking. Contact Luis at Cajoneartes Facebook page to check on availability or to order custom artwork.